Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4:15 am

I don't know what I'm doing up at this hour. This is not normal for me. I am so happy that my friends and family are visiting my blog! Thanks guys!

Several people have emailed me saying they can't figure out how to leave a comment, so if any of you more experienced bloggers can tell them what to do, that would be great.

Jackson's birthday was pretty uneventful. He slept through most of it. Probably because he was up all night the night before freaking out over a very minor thunderstorm. He really is the most neurotic dog I have ever had. He paces the house moaning and crying and his newest thing is trying to get into bed with me, which is completely out of the question. He finally found solace in the bathroom.

Sophie, poor thing, has been the victim of yet another attempt of mine at dog grooming. After the first attempt, Eric said, "She looks like you ran over her with a lawn mower". As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. Who knew Maltese puppies could grow so much hair and so fast? After this attempt, Eric said, "Why don't you just shave her?". I tried, but she really hates the buzzing noise, so I had to use scissors and now I am really embarrassed to take her to the vet on Thursday for her shots.

More dog news... Izzie has been bred again and she is due on May 23rd. She is doing very well.

I know you are wondering about the kids, but the truth is, I haven't said anything about them because, right now, there isn't much positive that I can say.

Actually, most of the time, our kids are astonishingly good, but there is a very small percentage of time where I just want to beat them senseless. I don't, but I do consider it.

Well, I'm not sure what the normal length of a blog is, but I'm pretty sure this is too long. If you're still reading, thanks. I still have two hours before I have to get Katie ready for school, so it could be a ways before the end... just a warning.

Our vacuum cleaner is broken. I took it to the Vac Shac in McMinnville since he just fixed it for the exact same problem like two weeks ago, but this time I got a speech about how this particular brand (Bissell) and this particular model (Healthy Home) is made in China and in a word is "junk". He went on about the kind of plastic and the clutch system, but basically what he was telling me is that my $350, almost brand new vacuum cleaner --- is junk. Not what I wanted to hear. Eric was less than pleased to hear it also. So, his suggestion was that I take it back to Lowe's to see what they will do for me. Ughhh...

So, I discovered that the hand held part of it still works, I just can't use it as an upright, soooo I have been on my hands and knees vacuuming all over the house. Chas thinks this way of vacuuming looks like fun... but it's not.

My digital camera is also broken, but that isn't really surprising. After suffering years of abuse, we knew it was just a matter of time. I hope to get a new one soon, so I can get some fun pictures up.

On an upnote, we are getting a HUGE tax refund! It's like twice the amount that we normally get AND another $1200 in rebate! Thanks George Bush!

Well, I am beginning to feel sorry for those of you who are reading this out of obligation, so I guess I will find something else to do for the next hour. Thanks for hanging with me.


Cecelia said...

Kristi, to leave a comment, all they have to do is go to the bottom of the post. There, on the same line as "posted by Kristi", it gives the number of comments. For this one, it said "0 comments". Just click on that and a little notepad comes up that says "Leave Your Comment", and they just write in that.
They have to type in the word verification to send (and that is the hard part for me. Sometimes, I have a hard time figuring out what the letters are!)
Last, they just need to check it and click on submit.
About your dog that was scared of a thunderstorm. I've had animals like that. When there is going to be even a little rain in the area, my 22 year old Manx cat, starts flattening out to the floor, and creeps along until she finally just stops. She is scared stiff!
She doesn't really like to be held much, but that is one time when she doesn't scratch, if I put my chin over her.
What seems to comfort her is to put her favorite blanket over her, until the bad weather passes. Or I put her under a little fold out table on the couch and put cuptowels over it so that she feels safe. While I sit there and watch tv, she puts her head up against me and tries to get under me, it seems.
She is my weather forecaster!
My Olde English Sheepdogs also were scared of storms and would seem to cry during a thunderstorm. I would just pet them and talk to them until it was over. I was up because storms make me nervous, too! I want to be ready to move, if I have to!
My vet, back then, told me that they do make tranquilzers for pets that get really upset with storms. I was tempted but never tried them.
Hope you get your appliances all fixed. I've been trying to watch what I buy, and, if it says "made in China", etc., I try not to buy it. We know it is going to be junk, have something dangerous in it, or is made by people who are being exploited in bad working conditions with low wages, at the expense of American jobs. It's hard to find American items, though. Loewe's is like WalMart and Target, I understand. Big ships coming from China with things that used to be made here-with quality. I don't buy that much, but I expect high quality and something that will last a long while when I do purchase something.
Let me know if you need help with something with your blog. Maybe I can help. I think that you have about the hardest part done, and that is setting it up. Now, have fun with it!

Jenny said...

You are funny!!

Cynthia said...

I like long posts.

And frequent ones!

You can have my Kirby. It works, it needs a new bag. THey sell them at the vac shack and the guy at the vac shack loves my Kirby. It is all metal. I just don't have carpet so I don't use it. I have a $30 Walmart vacuum that I use on my floors. It is light and easy since I only deal with hardwood and one small area rug.

Andy W said...

So what you're saying is that your vacuum cleaner sucks? I mean it doesn't suck. Wait, oh forget it.


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