Friday, April 18, 2008

CMT Music Awards, American Idol, and Office

Did Anybody see the CMT music awards??? This was my favorite performance, although AJ --you were looking HOT, too! Before I knew I was going to marry Eric Moffitt, I just knew I was going to marry Alan Jackson. That was back when he was having marital problems, but then I met Eric and I forgot all about Alan and now he and Denise are happy again, so I guess it's good it didn't work out between us. However, that said, he did look GOOD. Can I get an amen?

Brad Paisley is so funny and you gotta love BOCEPHUS.

I am so relieved that Kristy Lee Cook is off American Idol. I'm still whining about M. Johns, though. I really miss him on the show. He was one of my faves.

The Office definitely delivered, but I was sooo wanting Jim to propose to Pam, FOR REAL!

Let's see did I miss anything? Oh, the Oprah show about cutting down on waste was very interesting. It really had me thinking about the ways we waste food and other things around our house. I just love Opie.

BIG NEWS! Sophie got a real haircut. Like a real professional haircut! She looks so cute, except she chewed the cord that I use to get the pictures off my camera, so I can't show you just how cute, until I wait for Eric to cool down, so I can go buy another cord. Well, that's all for today. Let me know what you think about Brad and Hank.


Rachel said...

did sophie get her hair cut from Sis. Hoyle?

Kristi Moffitt said...

No! Does she do that? I had no idea!

Kim said...

sigh...the office. i love it!!!


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