Friday, April 11, 2008

"Katie's Blue"

Our DVR recorder did NOT record The Office like it was supposed to, so when I got home AFTER eight o'clock, I discovered that half the show was already over! I quickly started recording and we were able to catch the first half in pieces on you tube and some other site. I was so upset and then at the end, it was cut off due to storms in WEST Tennessee! We don't even live there! Sorry, Matthew and Jenny, but I mean, did they really have to go to Storm Tracker in the middle of The Office??? They couldn't wait 3 minutes?

THEN, I watched in horror as Micheal Johns got voted off American Idol. Did anyone expect that? He is so good! What is up with that? And the way Ryan tried to trick everyone into thinking that he was going to be safe was just mean.

Okay, that's enough TV talk. Funny thing happened this morning. I was sweeping the floors and got to the kids' room. Chas said, "Mommy don't sweep in here, this is our classroom". To which Katie says, "That's okay, Mommy can be the JANITOR".

My Mom found a plant at Mary's Greenhouse in McMinnville called "Katie's Blue". She of course bought it for Katie. Katie was very excited. She told my Mom that she does have a garden but Daddy keeps mowing it. Her "garden" is a patch of weeds in the middle of the yard. Now, she wants to plant her flower in the middle of her "garden", so I'm going to let her battle this out with Eric. I refuse to get involved in yard work of any kind.

My Mom also got the kids a little golf set. Watching Chas play is so hilarious. I don't even have words. I promise, if I could explain it, I would, but I just don't know how to put in words how funny it is.

Well, that's the news from Laurel Cove...


Kim said...

Oh Kristi I am still fuming about the Office last night with those storms--those were my exact words--it wasn't even in our area. I was so excited to FINALLY have my show back and then it cut off at the end. I'm so happy to find a fellow Office lover!!
And Idol was very disappointing! Big fan of Michael Johns!!
Love your blog!

Jenny said...

Matthew has started watching Office. Eric has told him about it. I do not think that we really know what day it comes on though...then again Matthew might know.
I too LOVE idol but I am sorry to say that M Johns got on my nerves because if the cocky attitude that he and a few others have, sorry! I was glad to see him go.

Jenny said...

He could sing good though. I do agree with that.

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

Speaking of American Idol. I love the show. We've missed a few shows. Taylor isn't into it much this year and has been able to trick us into watching other shows while we are forgetting Idol is on. But how could we's mostly the time, we know the days.

Anyway, I am all for the Davids.

I collect autographs and I am sending off request for David Archuleta & David Cook this weekend. I just need to sit down and write the letters.

We've caught "The Office" two or three times and it is funny but since we are so behind we are wanting to get the series.

Those make for good family nights, we'll watch an hour or two of a TV series a week. We just finished "Ghost Whisper" and are dying to get the 2nd.

I know "The Office" would not be appropriate for Tay but Joey and I could still enjoy it after Tay is asleep.



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