Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mud Bog

Harrison Ferry Mud Bog is BACK!
May 3rd
Gates open at 3pm, Race starts at 6 pm
We probably won't be there, but if they have one on June 7th, we will! We have missed the mud bog. Eric has to work May 3rd, but if you're going let me know, I might tag along with the kids! They love it!


Michelle said...

Wow Kristi!! You don't seem like the mud bogging type!! I am impressed!! :)

Kristi Moffitt said...

Well, if I'm being honest, I like it for about an hour and then I'm ready to go, but my kids love, love, love it! I enjoy seeing my kids have fun. Katie especially likes the girl with the pink truck. I've only been to the one on Harrison Ferry, but I found it to be very family friendly and we always have a good time there.

gretchen said...

ok Kristi, This is cracking me up. You have truly become Eric's wife over the years!!! I love it!

Kristi Moffitt said...

What??? They don't have Mud Bogs in Murfreesboro? Am I a redneck? Is that what you're all trying to tell me? Oh my Gosh!!! That's it! I AM a redneck! You know what? I'm okay with it. It's okay. I'm only a redneck by marriage anyway. What can I say? Love is BLIND.


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie