Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay Girls (and guys who have a closet shoe fetish) which do you like best??
This first pair is from Victoria's Secret, but I've seen similar ones at JC Penney.
1. 2.


The Crocs are way expensive but they wear really well. I'm having a hard time finding the pink and white ones. They are sold out everywhere, including the Crocs website. Those are really my first choice but since I can't seem to find them anywhere I started looking at other possibilities. T.J. Maxx has some like the pink and white for $20, but they are seafoam and white and I didn't like them. Eric did not understand the importance of the color, but I know you all will. They also had some DKNY flip flops like #3, but they were $25 and I didn't like the inside material. That's kind of my problem with #1, even though they are super cute, if they are suede on the sole, then I'm thinking they aren't going to wear well.
I'm probably not going to take any of your advice into consideration, so don't get your feelings hurt, but I am curious which ones you like.
Let me know what you think. Jenny C., I KNOW you have an opinion on this!


Tenara King said...

I am liking #2 the best. I like the bright colors and print on it. Real summer style! I like #1. However, you will more than likely get the ugly foot prints on the inside. I hate when that happens. So there is my opinion, but if you are as picky about shoes as me....You won't listen to what anyone says. :)

haley said...

I am with Tenara. I like #2 the best. Where did you find them? I might have to get some for myself! I am kind of anti-white foot beds in shoes because they usually get all yucky and dirty. But they are all really cute!

Michelle said...

I have some like #3 except in pink and brown. They have held up really well. I bought them last year and they still look like new. [I am super rough on shoes!!] Sometimes they hurt my feet if I wear them for a long time though. That's really my only complaint.

If you like the pink and white ones keep googling till you find some. SOMEONE has them!!

Kristi Moffitt said...

Haley - #2 are Crocs Capri style. They have several different colors. You can find them on Amazon and on the Crocs website. They are pretty new, so there aren't many out there for less than $35 (shipping puts them at $43!). Personally, I have never paid that much for a pair of flip flops, but there is a first time for everything!

Tenara - yes I am very picky about shoes, but when I find some that I love, I really wear them out.

Michelle - did the top part stretch out any after last summer? That is the problem I have with a few of my old summer shoes, they stretched out and are now too big.

Kim said...

love them all. i love the print on #2 and how they just shout out--summer i am ready.

Cynthia said...

Umm, I am with Eric on this one. I have 3 pairs of shoes. And only wear one. ANd I could never spend $25 on flip flops! I also can't stand to have anything between my toes or making a flapping sound.

But I like pink. But I would get brown, cause that matches everything. I have brown mary jane crocs. They were $30 but I bought them in January of 2007 and have worn them everyday , year round since then, except Sundays.

HEy, you asked.

Oh, Yes, the barn roof and the house roof are common hang out spots for my kids. Don't even try to play hide and go seek with them, just look UP.

I told them that roof hopping needed to be done only when a licensed driver was home, to take them to the hospital when they fall and break an arm. Ella said they were just trying to escape the "little" girls. SO poor Molly, Caroline and Katie I guess were NOT invited.

GO figure.

Michelle said...

They didn't stretch out at all. I am VERY pleased with them. I don't mind paying a little more for shoes I can wear more than one season.

Check out They have free shipping both ways and sometimes they upgrade you to overnight shipping for FREE!!!

gretchen said...

ok I like the #4. I am a pink girl. Although not as practical for the every day wear of a mom because they are pink I would prob. go with a more brown. But I love the pink ones best!!! comfort always for me!

Jenny C said...

Oh, don't even get me started on pair 1! They remind me of all the things wrong with the shoes that we bought that almost cut your feet in half, the "death" shoe. Do I need to remind you about how much you complained for that whole hour, even while sitting down! They offered no support and inflicted bodily pain!!! I like shoe number 2 out of the ones pictured. They look cute AND painfree. Win, win...Go to Kohls and look for some. I got a cute pair of Speedo's for $10, and they come in a ton of colors. I agree with someone else's post: I couldn't spend $25 on one pair of flip flops either, but I could buy 2 pairs of cheaper flip flops and tell Todd how much money I saved him!! Anyway, what kind will you be wearing on Saturday?

The Craven's said...

Congrats on starting the 2+2 program this Fall. You will absolutley love it! Let me know if you need any help...I might can remember!?! Oh, and my favorite is #2, it's goes well with your pedicure :)


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie