Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, Izzie had her puppies and it was pretty exciting. She was due for her c-section at 10am on Friday, May 23rd. She had her first puppy in the yard at about 9 am on Thursday, May 22nd. We rushed her to Dr. Burke in Smithville and he delivered the other six by c-section. So, we had seven in all. They all looked really good except for the one that came first and that one is much smaller than the rest. We had two solid white males which was pretty exciting since they are more valuable, but one of them died very unexpectedly on the first day. Very sad. The kids were totally fine with it. Chas had been begging to pet the puppies since we brought them home and we kept telling him no, so when the white one died, he asked could he pet the dead puppy? I guess he figured we wouldn't care about the dead puppy.

They nurse every 2 and a half hours now, and we are trying to get them up to three hours. Last night I was solo, since Eric had to go back to work. It was pretty hard. Reminded me of when the kids were newborn. Just when I would fall asleep the buzzer would go off and back I would go to take care of the puppies. I am hoping the money we make off of these puppies will help pay for the marriage counseling we will surely need when this is all over. Every time we have a litter, we say we are never doing it again, and then we sell them, deposit the money, and decide to do it again. We're slow learners.

Good news is that Izzie is being a much better Mommy than she was on her last litter. Eric thinks it's because she actually delivered one of them and had a chance to bond. She also has more milk this time which means no bottle feeding... a very good thing.

The kids have finally accepted that we are not going anywhere. Not today, not tomorrow, nada.
I felt sorry for them yesterday so when I was in town I bought them play dough, which was major, because I do not allow play dough in my house. Ever. They are still playing with it. I am trying not to think about all the places I am going to find it later.

The other thing that is going on is my secret emotional breakdown. See, ever since Katie started pre-school in 2006, I have been complaining about Chas needing to go to school. He needs the social interaction, the structure, the blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. Mostly I would do it, when I was tired of playing with him. So, naturally, I cannot let Eric know that I am FREAKING out about putting my baby boy on the school bus in less than 3 months! Every day it gets worse. Especially with the added benefit of NO SLEEP to make me that much more weepy. The other day I just stood and stared at his baby pictures and cried. I thought Chas would be easier. I thought since I have been through this with Katie, that I would handle it better, but I think it's worse. So much worse. I need a hug. Maybe I need a valium.

Any sympathetic words, no matter how trite, will be appreciated.


Tenara King said...

That is exciting about the puppies. I love little puppies, but then they grow up. :) I am with you with playdough! I hate finding the pieces everywhere and it doesn't come up very easy when smashed in carpet! I have actually "grounded" Jax from it right now because I found a whole container of playdough smashed in carpet under his chair!!!! Like he knows what grounded means or really cares. haha. I haven't put a child in school yet, and I have another year before I have to. However, I know I will be crazy too. They do grow up fast. I already think about the day that I send him to school and I got a year to wait. I can only imagine how you feel with three months til the time.

JENNYC said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person that HATES playdough in my house. My brother bought Madi one of those playdough tables with all the accessories for Christmas one mess. The table ended up at the dump because I just couldn't stand it anymore!!!

Well, Megan will be going to Kindergarten this fall and it hasn't really bothered me YET. I know she will be with Madi, so I am assuming all will be well. Let's not forget that you and I will be very busy with our own school, so at least we want have to worry about babysitters.

Skip the valium..a good manicure and a new pair of shoes will work miracles for ones problems.

Michelle said...

I totally understand about you apprehension to put Chas in preschool.

I cried the first day Braden went to preschool. Since he is special needs, he got to go in early, he hadn't even turned 3 yet. When I saw how happy he was there it put me a little more at ease. And then when he cried when I came back to pick him up, I knew he had had a good time!!

I would only be worried about the bus. I would hate it if we were in a situation where the kids have to ride the bus. I don't feel like they are safe, especially for special needs children. We only live about a mile from school though, so I am blessed for that.

gretchen said...

You crack me up with the no playdough! They can come here and play playdough. That is so so funny!

Ok why do you have to get up and help the puppies nurse.I thought the mommies just did that on their own. Don't you just keep the puppies and the mommy together and they nurse whenever they want?

And let me tell you-I am a total basket case when they started school and it got worse with each baby. This past fall when c. started school I was a crazy person. I still don't like it. I guess we just hang onto what we have each day! Hugs and kisses. Hang in there and enjoy the summer.

Jenny said...

I wish that I could say some words of comfort but I am at a loss. I am sending the girls off this year so maybe I can just call you the first day of school and we can cry together!!!

I love play dough! My kids will play with it for hours. They play with it outside on a table and when they are done I dump it in the grass!! Easy clean up!

That is awesome you guys make so much with the puppies! Matthew has said numerous times after you all have puppies he wishes he had dogs to sell! Congrats!


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