Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Week

This was the only souvenir that Katie wanted from Dollywood. It's a postcard.

Last week, the kids got their t-ball trophies which was very exciting. They are really pretty cool this year. They have spinning baseballs on them, which of course were a bit hit. We came in second place, too!

On Thurs. the 24th, we went to Dollywood to see the Zaboomafoo show with Chris and Martin the Kratt brothers (from PBS). Chas has loved that show more than anything for over a year, so it was very exciting to see them in person.

We had so much fun at Dollywood. I don't have any pictures, because I didn't take my camera, which is actually a good thing, since we got soaking wet on the River Battle ride. It was such a perfect day and funny enough, we actually ran into our friend Candace Brewer and her family there! We arrived at exactly the same time. Small world, huh?

Katie did not want to go to Dollywood for the longest time, she wanted to stay at her cousin's house in Knoxville, while we took Chas to see Zaboomafoo, but then she discovered that Dollywood is named for Dolly Parton and she quickly changed her mind. Katie is in awe of Dolly Parton. She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

So after Dollywood, Eric got to choose a restaurant since his birthday was the next day and he had to work, so he chose (are you ready for this?) ... Outback Steakhouse. Now, I had never eaten at Outback before, but I was pretty sure before we even went in that they weren't going to have a vegetarian section in their menu. But, since it was Eric's choice, I tried to be a good sport. I was not prepared for the actual menu, though. There was literally nothing for me to eat. I had a salad and a side order of steamed veggies both of which were very good, but not exactly filling after a full day at Dollywood. Luckily, I had a stash of granola bars in the car, so I didn't starve.

Eric's birthday present is actually two tickets to the UT vs. UAB game at Neyland Stadium in September. I even found them all by myself! Usually, I let Eric do the ticket shopping because he knows that stadium like the back of his hand, and I have no idea what are good seats and what aren't, but I found some on Ebay that looked pretty good to me and I just went with it. He was very happy, so I think I did good.

We sold "Joe" puppy this weekend, so now we are down to two puppies, "Fireball" and "Blackie". I am very happy about that.

I got my hair cut and foiled on Friday and I am so happy with it. Getting my hair done makes me happy.

Well, that's about it. We are trying to have as much fun as we can before school starts. So far so good!

12 Days of School...

So, one of our favorite things to do is to make up 12 days songs. Songs like the 12 Days of Christmas with our own theme. We have done the 12 Days of Spring, Summer, and now we have (drumroll please) the 12 Days of school!

This one was just Chas and I, so it goes like this:
The 12 days of school

On the first day of school Ms. Jacqueline gave to me,
A chair and my own cubby
Second day of school -- Two pencil boxes
Third day of school --- three gluesticks
Fourth day of school – four toys to play with
Fifth day of school – Five worksheets
Sixth day of school – six colored crayons
Seventh day of school – seven friends to play with
Eighth day of school – eight songs to sing
Ninth day of school – nine minutes nap time
Tenth day of school – ten minutes recess
Eleventh day of school – eleven rules to follow
Twelfth day of school – twelve different centers

We had so much fun singing this together, except we kept forgetting what we made up, so I decided to write it down as we went along so we could actually sing it all the way through at least once! Feel free to make up your own!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Online Chat Room

This is as close as I will probably ever be to an online chat room. I'm feeling a little chatty tonight. So, since I am in a house alone with two sleeping children, I thought I would talk to my blogger friends a while. I'm not really sure who reads my blog. It looks to me like about five people check in from time to time. No matter, I just feel like chatting.

So, recently ( about 6 days ago) I decided to eliminate dairy products from my diet. I've been wanting to do it for a while now, along with seafood (which I only eat at restaurants - because I don't cook) and see what being a strict vegetarian is like as opposed to a very loose vegetarian. That doesn't sound right. Anyway, I really didn't think I could give up ice cream and pizza, but then I thought well, I'll try a week. So here I am. So far, so good. Actually, I used to eat this way a long time ago, so I have fallen back on some of my old staples and it's kind of like hooking up with old friends. One of my favorite breakfasts back in the day was Grape Nuts with organic apple juice. It is so good, if you like Grape Nuts, which I do. It has to be organic apple juice, because the other kind tastes like vinegar to me. I'm not sure if organic is the right word, but it's the kind that is more brown than yellow.

I know this isn't very interesting, but it's what's on my mind at the moment. So, anyway, Eric is not being supportive. He hates it when I get on a health kick. I keep telling him to relax, it WILL pass and I WILL go back to eating crap, I just need a reprieve, that's all. It's not like I force everyone to eat tofu and dried apples. I still buy junk food and all of Eric's favorite chopped up animals. Yet, he still teases me constantly. It's very annoying.

Even after 12 years, he still thinks it's hilarious that I don't eat meat. And he still loves to parade me in front of his friends like a circus freak, as though he just met me. It kind of drives me crazy, but I love him.

So, back to my diet. I'm not sure how long this will last and maybe it will be one of those things that comes and goes, but for right now, I can honestly say that I am enjoying it. I had forgotten that I like tofu when it's made to taste like egg salad. And I have discovered hummus, which is really good with triscuits. I got this roasted red pepper kind and almost made myself sick because I couldn't stop eating it. It was that good. For those of you who don't know, hummus is basically blended up chick peas and some other stuff. It really is good.

Luckily, I don't have to give up my Tostidos and pineapple salsa because that would probably be the death of this diet. And, it turns out that Oreo's are dairy free, too. Of course, you have to eat them without milk, so it's not quite the same.

Oh and I love those Edy's Strawberry fruit bars. You know the ones? They are so good and completely dairy free. I really need to quit thinking about food so much.

I was so hoping to get my Grey's Anatomy DVD today in the mail, but I know it will come tomorrow. I'm getting a little annoyed with the Derek, Addison, and Meredith love triangle. I mean what is wrong with him? He is so wishy washy. I wish he would just face reality and go back to Meredith! Remember I am only in season 2, so don't tell me anything!

Oh, I have a cute Chas story. So, while I was gone to Atlanta over the weekend and Eric had the kids... Chas comes running into the kitchen and says, "Hey Daddy, guess what?" All of Chas' sentences begin with "guess what". So, Eric says, "I don't know, what?". Then Chas looks at him and asks, "Can I be your best friend?" and Eric says "yes" and Chas says, "okay" and runs back to the living room to watch t.v.

Isn't that cute? He probably saw something on t.v. to make him say that, but it's still cute to me. Katie's new thing lately is to say, "I was born to do this". The other day she wanted to put together one of my jigsaw puzzles with 1000 pieces and I told her "no" and she says, "But Mom, I was born to do this!" She uses it, in that way, a lot.

I went to Atlanta to deliver a puppy and to go shopping with my Mom. We had fun. I got pretty much everything at T. J. Maxx. They had so many cute clothes for the kids. I haven't brought all the bags in yet, because I'm afraid Eric will have a heart attack. He has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so I have to be careful about these things. I never did find the shoes I was looking for, though, and I did a lot of looking. But, today when I was at the mall I found the cutest Clarks ballet flats in black and I decided that they were exactly what I was looking for all along. And, they were on sale! Woo hoo! I really wish I could wear them now, but I need to wait a few weeks. If I start wearing too many new things at once, Eric notices, and he starts to panic. It's best if I spread it out over a solid month.

Well, I didn't really expect this to turn into a novel. I guess I will go back to indexing place names in my Cannon Co. Chancery Court records from 1840-1880. Yeah, that's what I was doing before this. It's fun to me. Don't ask. I have no reasonable explanation except it's what I do when I can't sleep and I have no Grey's Anatomy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's Goin' On

Well, the summer is winding down and I can feel the excitement building with school just around the corner. We found out yesterday, that Chas will have Ms. Jacqueline for Pre-K and Katie will have Ms. Stephanie Hollaway for 1 st grade. They are both so excited, they want to go NOW!

I also got my letter of acceptance and my schedule for Tech. I was very excited to get that letter, since I was beginning to wonder if I even made it into the program! The first semester, I have Dr. Kolodziej for our literacy block and our schedule seems to be Mon 8-4 and Wed and Fri 8-1. That will be for the first 7 wks and then our schedule goes to M-F 8-11.

I go for registration on Aug 13th and I think the kids start on Aug. 11th, but I haven't got that in writing yet.

We are still selling puppies. They are so cute, they practically sell themselves! This Sat. "Snowball" is headed to Tampa, FL to his new home. I am going to meet the family in Atlanta and visit my Mom for the weekend which will be nice. I also plan to do some shopping for school clothes while I'm there. It's so nice to be able to shop without worrying about the kids!

Next week is Eric's birthday and we are going to Dollywood on the 24th. Chas is very excited to see the characters and actors from his favorite show, Zaboomafoo. I'm stressing over what to get Eric for his birthday. We have been talking about getting the kids a "Wii", and I thought about just getting it for Eric's b-day, except that it wouldn't really be for him. He got me a really nice navigational system, which I desperately needed in my life, so I feel like I should get him something just for him. I thought about UT tickets, but we always get those for "our" anniversary present. Any ideas?

Katie is obsessed with all things Hannah Montana. She isn't really interested in High School Musical, but she loves Hannah and the Jonas Bros. She also has a really strange fascination with all things creepy. I don't understand where this came from, but I'm pretty sure it started with Scooby Doo. She loves stories about ghosts, witches, and anything scary. If I didn't carry her for 9 months, I would swear she is not my child.

Chas is still into Lightning McQueen, but he's slowly taking a back seat to Wall-e and Phineas and Ferb. He loved the movie, Kung Fu Panda, too, although I cannot for the life of me understand why. It was the worst movie I ever sat through! His favorite new word, is "Awesome!"

I have started watching Grey's Anatomy via Netflix and I am hooked! I am only on Season 2, so don't tell me anything! I'm hoping to get caught up before this season starts.

We have been going to the library a lot this summer and Gilley Pool, and the Weeter's pool. The Weeter's have really helped make swimming affordable this summer! We love going there. About twice a month, the kids go play at the Baus House, which gives me a much needed break and I can actually run errands in peace! We are so thankful for the Baus', they really help us out a lot.

Katie is signed up for Ballet at Ms. Paula's, but as of right now, there are no spots for her. She thinks she will form a new class, though, so we are pretty sure Katie will get in to that one.

Chas is just going to have to be content with pre-K until basketball starts this winter. We were going to put him in karate, but it was so expensive! Plus, Katie wanted to do it too. Oh well, it's not like they won't have a million things to do, once school starts.

Well, I guess you all are up to speed. Probably more than you wanted to be! Love y'all.... Kris

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Puppy pictures 6 weeks


$2500 - SOLD



$2700 - SOLD


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie