Sunday, July 27, 2008

12 Days of School...

So, one of our favorite things to do is to make up 12 days songs. Songs like the 12 Days of Christmas with our own theme. We have done the 12 Days of Spring, Summer, and now we have (drumroll please) the 12 Days of school!

This one was just Chas and I, so it goes like this:
The 12 days of school

On the first day of school Ms. Jacqueline gave to me,
A chair and my own cubby
Second day of school -- Two pencil boxes
Third day of school --- three gluesticks
Fourth day of school – four toys to play with
Fifth day of school – Five worksheets
Sixth day of school – six colored crayons
Seventh day of school – seven friends to play with
Eighth day of school – eight songs to sing
Ninth day of school – nine minutes nap time
Tenth day of school – ten minutes recess
Eleventh day of school – eleven rules to follow
Twelfth day of school – twelve different centers

We had so much fun singing this together, except we kept forgetting what we made up, so I decided to write it down as we went along so we could actually sing it all the way through at least once! Feel free to make up your own!

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