Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Week

This was the only souvenir that Katie wanted from Dollywood. It's a postcard.

Last week, the kids got their t-ball trophies which was very exciting. They are really pretty cool this year. They have spinning baseballs on them, which of course were a bit hit. We came in second place, too!

On Thurs. the 24th, we went to Dollywood to see the Zaboomafoo show with Chris and Martin the Kratt brothers (from PBS). Chas has loved that show more than anything for over a year, so it was very exciting to see them in person.

We had so much fun at Dollywood. I don't have any pictures, because I didn't take my camera, which is actually a good thing, since we got soaking wet on the River Battle ride. It was such a perfect day and funny enough, we actually ran into our friend Candace Brewer and her family there! We arrived at exactly the same time. Small world, huh?

Katie did not want to go to Dollywood for the longest time, she wanted to stay at her cousin's house in Knoxville, while we took Chas to see Zaboomafoo, but then she discovered that Dollywood is named for Dolly Parton and she quickly changed her mind. Katie is in awe of Dolly Parton. She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

So after Dollywood, Eric got to choose a restaurant since his birthday was the next day and he had to work, so he chose (are you ready for this?) ... Outback Steakhouse. Now, I had never eaten at Outback before, but I was pretty sure before we even went in that they weren't going to have a vegetarian section in their menu. But, since it was Eric's choice, I tried to be a good sport. I was not prepared for the actual menu, though. There was literally nothing for me to eat. I had a salad and a side order of steamed veggies both of which were very good, but not exactly filling after a full day at Dollywood. Luckily, I had a stash of granola bars in the car, so I didn't starve.

Eric's birthday present is actually two tickets to the UT vs. UAB game at Neyland Stadium in September. I even found them all by myself! Usually, I let Eric do the ticket shopping because he knows that stadium like the back of his hand, and I have no idea what are good seats and what aren't, but I found some on Ebay that looked pretty good to me and I just went with it. He was very happy, so I think I did good.

We sold "Joe" puppy this weekend, so now we are down to two puppies, "Fireball" and "Blackie". I am very happy about that.

I got my hair cut and foiled on Friday and I am so happy with it. Getting my hair done makes me happy.

Well, that's about it. We are trying to have as much fun as we can before school starts. So far so good!

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Jenny said...

I didn't know that they filmed that at Dollywood. The girls love that show too! They know more animals than I do from watching that and Dora.

I will have to tell you a funny story about Katie. I had so much fun listening to her today when I dropped the girls off. She is so funny!


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie