Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moffitt's 1st day of School

Katie's 1st day of 1st grade...

Chas' 1st day of Pre-K

Sibling shot...

Mom's 1st day of Tn Tech...

Well, the agonizing 1st days are officially OVER! Yay!
Katie's first day was yesterday and I had a complete meltdown after the bus drove away. It kind of took me by surprise, because I wasn't feeling particularly sad, just mostly dreading sending Chas off... anyway, last night Eric and I talked about whether I should take Chas to school for his first day or let him ride the bus. I told him he couldn't ride the bus at first, because I needed time to adjust, but Chas wanted to, and Eric thought that it would be best to just let him ride from the first day. So, I thought about it and tearfully admitted that it was my problem and that I just didn't think I could put him on the bus. Well, after a completely sleepless night, I decided that I better just let him go and get it over with, because otherwise I would just be worrying and dreading the day when I finally do it.
So, I told Chas that it was up to him, if he wanted to ride the bus, he could ride it with Katie. The sight of his little face lighting up was enough to fortify me. He was so happy, that I felt guilty for telling him he couldn't ride to begin with.
The funny thing, is that I didn't break down like I thought I would. I just kind of teared up a little and Eric teared up a little and then said, "Well, I guess we're empty nesters now" and I said, nope, YOU are an empty nester because I'm going to school, too!
So, we all left Eric home to sleep the day away in peace and quiet for once...
Chas came home and told me all about his first day. 50 minutes later, he was still telling me about it when Eric woke up and Chas went to tell him all about his first day. He said two girls cried all during nap time and kept waking him up. He also said the boys potty room is so awesome and he even got to go potty in it!
There were a lot of cute things he said in those 50 minutes, but one of the best was when I was asking him about which kids were there. He was in the second phase-in group, so I figured there were only about 7 or 8 kids and I thought he might remember some of their names. I started going down his class list and named off the boys names, but he didn't seem to recognize any of them and then he said, "Okay, I'm going to tell you how it was... there was a boy with a spider man shirt on, and another boy with a shark shirt, and another boy with a Tennessee shirt, and another boy with a Superman shirt and that's all".
I thought it was so funny that he didn't know any names, just the shirts they were wearing!
I have tried to pry any and all information I can get out of Katie about her class, but she just seems to think I am a complete idiot for not knowing what goes on in 1st grade.
I did get that she is very excited to get to play on the "big" playground this year. There is even a swing that is off limits and it is painted red, but it used to be painted green. That's about all I got.
So, my first day was pretty good too, but not very exciting. I start class on Monday the 25th, so I'm guessing my house is going to be spotless for the next week or so...


Jenny said...

I am glad it went okay. Chas is so darn cute! I love that he knew the shirts of the kids! I wish we lived closer. I would love to be able hear Katie after a day of school. She had me laughing so hard at Joe and Debby's telling me about the dogs.

Ashley said...

I love the pictures.. Your kids are GORGEOUS!!!
Congrats on the 2+2 program, I wish you all the luck in the world.
You will be a great teacher :)

Ashley said...

It was good seeing you the other day :)


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie