Saturday, August 9, 2008

My baby boy...

I'm feeling a little nostalgic lately. Can you tell?

We registered the kids for school yesterday and they were so excited. Katie's teacher, Ms. Stephanie Holloway seems like a really good 1st grade teacher. She is going on maternity leave in January, so Katie will get two 1st grade teachers. She is very excited about that. She says 1st grade is going to be so much greater than Kindergarten. I hope she's right!
The up side of being so upset about the kids going off to school, is that I have been cleaning like crazy. My house is so clean and organized. I wish someone would come visit, just so I could show it off. It NEVER looks this good!

I'm even thinking about pulling weeds, now that the house is all clean. I probably won't, but I'm thinking about it!

I finished Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy and I have to wait until Sept. 8th to get the 4th season, and then I will be caught up. However, I was so curious that I went on you tube and found most of the scenes with McDreamy and Meredith. So, I am up to date, but I'm still going to watch all the episodes.

We finally got Eric a commuter car! I think he likes it. It's a 4 speed which is kind of weird to me, I have never driven a 4 speed, but it drives really well and it seems to be in good shape. Funny thing happened when we bought it. Some of you know David Day from Cookeville. When we went to get the car, in Cookeville, Eric recognized the neighborhood and said to me he thought David Day lived somewhere close by. When he brought it up to the lady who sold us the car, she said, actually, they bought their house from David Day! Strange coincidence!

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