Friday, August 1, 2008

Space Chimps and Hannah Montana

I know most of the five people who read this have small children, so I am going to spare you an agonizing hour and a half... do not go see Space Chimps. It has to be the worst movie ever made. Eric and I took Chas to see it when Katie went with her girl cousins to see Beauty and the Beast and we barely made it through. The only reason we stayed was because we were there for Chas and he seemed to be enjoying it. It must have had a budget of under $1000, because it was really that bad.

While on the the subject of disappointing entertainment, let me also say that I was not impressed with the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers 3-D concert on Disney Channel. The kids loved it, but I could not for the life of me see what they were seeing. I had the glasses on, but they did nothing but make the picture look either red or blue. Katie kept coaching me and telling me that I was doing it wrong, but how can you look through glasses the wrong way? Did anyone else watch it? Did it look like they were coming out of the screen to you? Just curious.

I'm still doing the vegan thing and it's going pretty good. The other day, I told Eric that if I just gave up Red Bull and Tostitos, I would probably be like the healthiest person in the world, but I said, you know at some point you just become weird about it and I don't want to get that way. To which Eric replied, "Babe, I think we're there".

The guys he works with have started bringing him sausage biscuits because they feel sorry for him. I don't know why, I mean, he is perfectly capable of driving himself to Arby's.

On a more positive note, I am finally in the 3rd season of Grey's Anatomy and I am so loving it. McDreamy has finally chosen Merideth over his wife and she has dumped McVet, but I have a feeling there is more drama coming. I do NOT want to know what happens, so don't even think about telling me. Eric keeps trying to ruin it for me, because he's just mean that way. I refuse to listen to him, because I don't think he knows what he is talking about anyway. Yes, Eric, I know you are reading this, so give it up!

So Chas just got a note from his teacher telling him his first phase-in day is Wed. Aug 13th which happens to be the same day I have to register at Tech, which is so completely unfair! I will take him to his first day of school. I will not miss it. I'm sure I can make it to Tech by 9am anyway. Eric said he would take him. He was like, "He doesn't need you, he'll be fine", "Oh, wait, you want to be able to sit in the parking lot and cry, right?" and I'm like "EXACTLY". Every mother has a right to mourn her child's first day of school. Can I get an amen?

We are down to one puppy! YAY! I think she will sell this weekend. I hope she will. I am so ready to be done with them. She really is a cute puppy, but $2000 is pretty cute, too.

Gotta go! Love y'all. Especially you, Eric.

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Tenara King said...

Good thing to know this. I was going to take Jax to see Space Chimps. I guess the commericals are better than the actual movie.


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