Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big News!

Well this week was report card week for Katie and Chas. Katie got all A's which was very good news and was even more impressive when we learned that she was one of only two students in her class to receive all A's. We are so proud of her we could nearly bust!

Chas had an equally impressive report card for Pre-K. His assessment was two pages long and very detailed. We were really impressed with all the things he knew! Maybe amazed is the better word. I give Katie all the credit because she really has taught Chas a lot over the last two years. The only skill he needs to work on is managing zippers, buttons, buckles, and Velcro. I'm not sure how they assess that, because I'm pretty sure he can manage Velcro!

He still isn't consistent with his birthday. He said July for this assessment, but we are working on that.

Katie's birthday was yesterday and the celebration has been ongoing since Wednesday. Chas has actually received almost as many presents since his birthday is coming up and we will be having a "no gift" party on Oct. 23rd for both of them.

School is going by so fast for me. Only one week left of classes and then my final exam and then Practicum! I will be at Eastside in Ms. Hendrix second grade class for seven weeks. Well actually six weeks because Warren County schools get a whole week off for Thanksgiving, woo hoo!!! I'm pretty excited/nervous about Practicum. I don't know Ms. Hendrix at all and I have never even been to Eastside, so it will be a new experience, but I'm sure I will enjoy it once I get familiar with everything.

I will be teaching reading and I can't wait to get started on my unit. I have to wait until I meet with Ms. Hendrix to see what she has planned and if she has any suggestions for me.

We are headed to Chattanooga today to meet with my Mom and see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" with the kids. We have been waiting to see this movie for a month, so we are very excited.

Eric is going to be off work again this coming week. It is so nice to have him home because he helps so much with the kids, especially in the mornings when I have to get ready for school along with them.

Oh, I should mention that Chas has decided to be Spider Man for Halloween. This is exciting, because this is the first year, EVER, that he as wanted to dress up. He loves his costume!

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Tenara King said...

You will love practicum and will be great in it...I am sure. Jax is being Spiderman too! He is more excited about this year than the past. I can't gets me excited to see him excited.


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie