Saturday, October 25, 2008


This was a practice run of the spider I am going to make with the 2nd graders on Monday. I am in Mrs. Hendrix's 2nd grade class right now for practicum. We are going to read Charlotte's Web. I have to teach reading for the next 6 weeks, so we are going to do a unit on Charlotte's Web. I am so excited. They are such a good class and there are only 15 students!!! Yay for me!

Ashley informed me that spiders actually have eight eyes not two! She could only fit four red hots on the marshmallow, but she wanted to put them on there because "four are more scary than two". I love her!

Seth's spider is modified a bit, but still good enough to eat! Of course Chas had to be in the picture, too!

Ally's spider still in progress.

Tada! Perfecto!

Chas working hard...

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