Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

I decided to paint my hallway this weekend and earlier in the week I bought some samples of paint at Lowe's and boy was I glad I did, because the colors looked NOTHING like I thought they would. So, next I went to Sherwin Williams and found a color that looked the most like the one color sample that I liked on my walls and bought a sample of that and it won! I learned a good lesson. It is worth the extra money to buy some samples.

The winner is.... Restrained Gold. It is the biggest paint spot on the wall in the picture (on the end) The other colors are from left to right, Hemp Rope, Earthy Cane, Bungalow Gold and the winner, Retrained Gold. It looks a lot like my bedroom and living room, which are painted in Haystack, but it's a little bit darker. The kids are so excited to help me. I am also going to paint the office this color, but it's a little more involved, since I will have to move our massive desk first and I am not willing to tackle that on my own. Eric is allergic to paint, so he can't (won't) help with the painting, but I am definitely going to get him to help with moving the furniture!
Eric actually liked Earthy Cane the best, but it kind of has a green tint to it, and I just didn't like that about it. I wanted a more golden color. I'm so excited to get rid of my stark white hallway! I will report back when I'm finished.
A couple of funny things from yesterday. Chas came up to me last night and said he put sparkles on his hands so that he could fly. I asked him where he got sparkles and he said he got them out of the chimney and he is going to see if they will make him fly like Santa's reindeer. I knew he must have opened up the stove in the living room to get to the "chimney", so I said, "You should never open the stove, because it's not safe to play with it." Then Katie says, "Yeah Chas, I never open it unless I really need to".
Then the other funny thing that happened was when Chas was having a coughing fit. He and Eric have allergies really bad right now and we make a big deal out of him having to cover his mouth to keep the germs from getting in people's faces. So he is coughing and coughing right next to Katie. I asked him if he was okay and Katie says, "No he is not okay". She keeps looking at him like he is a leper or something and then she finally says, "Okay, that's it" and she gets a plastic Wal-mart bag and places it over his head! I said , "Katie, NO!" and she said, "Well he is getting his germs all over me!".


Tenara King said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Your kids are too funny and cute. I like the paint choice you picked. It looks similar to my hallways too. Anways, did you decide what to do with the content block?

The Craven's said...

oh my goodness, i can't stop laughing!!!!! kids do say the funniest things :)


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie