Monday, November 24, 2008


Anybody going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving? I went to Kohl's last year for the first time because they had a coat I wanted for half off. By the time I got the coat and looked around the line was wrapped around the store and we got there at 5am! Anyway, I am looking for any deals on Holiday Barbie 2008. So far, Walmart is advertising $35.00 which I think is too much money for a Barbie doll, but that might be the cheapest I find. If you hear of anything cheaper let me know. They are normally $40-$45.

They, of course, put the doll out months ago, and Katie has been begging for it ever since. I think she thought she would get it for her birthday, but I was kind of hoping she would forget about it, because it just seemed like too much money to spend for a doll that will look the same naked as her other (cheaper) ones. That is how it will quickly end up. But, she really wants it, so I will probably end up getting it for her. Soooo, let me know if you find any deals, okay?

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