Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a little update...

Well, we had a great visit from my Dad the first weekend in January, then the kids went back to school, Katie went back to dance class, and Chas started basketball. Second weekend, Mom came to visit and that's when the Chuck E Cheese/ Discovery Museum trip happened. We had not been to the Discovery Museum in M'boro in over a year and it was so much fun and we were glad to see so many new things there.

I resolved to start running again and I have stuck with it for two whole weeks! Yay for me! Eric and I have started riding our exercise bikes together, too. New Year, high ideals, you know how that goes...

Eric is back at work after quite a lot of time off. So, things are kind of getting back to the way they were before Christmas... BUSY!!!

We really enjoyed our time off from school/work and just being able to relax a little. I'm back at school as of today and this semester looks to be so much fun. I am studying Kindergarten and Special Ed curriculum. Kindergarten is my favorite, next to preschool. I am really looking forward to the last half of the semester when we do our Kindergarten practicum and we also get to help with the screening. I think that will be fun.

Eric and I recently received some paperwork regarding Chas' speech problem this week and it was suggested that he would benefit from speech therapy. Eric and I agree that this will be good for him. I don't know when he will start, but I am excited to see if it helps him with his stuttering.

Katie seems to like her substitute teacher, Ms. Rachel. She is filling in for Ms. Stephanie, while Ms. Stephanie has her baby. Ms. Rachel did her student teaching in Ms. Stephanie's class last year, so she is very familiar with her rules, teaching style, etc.,

Chas also had her quite a bit at the beginning of the year, when Ms. Jacqueline's mother was ill. So, we feel like we know her by now (one of the benefits of a small school!). Katie is really doing well in school and she still loves it. I can't even express how thankful I am that both of my children love school so much. It is such a relief. I know it will probably not last forever, but every year, I am grateful that they are excited and happy to go to school.

Well, I meant for this to be just a short little update, but it has turned into a long rambling mess! Sorry! I am really enjoying facebook these days. I have connected with so many old friends and classmates. It is so much fun to see what everyone is up to and where they are. Well, that's it. I have to go, Katie wants me to teach her how to do the splits... hahaha! This should be good.

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