Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My conversation with Chas

Chas and I just had what I think was an entertaining conversation on the way home from pre-school. Here is how it went:

Chas: (very excited) Mommy, sometimes "G" makes the "J" sound! Like this, listen Mommy, Sun J-J-Jrop. See?

Me: Well, actually that is the letters D-R that make that sound, but you are right, it does sound like J and sometimes the letter G makes the "J" sound like in Curious George. George starts with G, but sounds like J.

Chas: Yeah. And like J-J-Jripping!

Me: Well, actually that is also the D-R sound, but it does sound like J when you say it fast.
a few minutes later...

Chas: Okay, let's do the S-S-S sound. (by now he is just having fun thinking of words that start with certain letters).

Me: Okay, Chas what is a word that starts with "S"?

Chas: Sun.

Me: Yes, and do you know what other letter makes the S-S-S sound?

Chas: S?

Me: There is another letter that sometimes makes that sound.

Chas: I don't know.

Me: Well, the letter "C" can make the S-S-S sound. And it also makes the K-K-K sound like cake and cat.

Chas: Yeah, but some people spell cat with a K.

Me: yes, but that isn't right is it?

Chas: No, because K only makes the K-K-K sound like in Quiet.

Me: (I'm beginning to feel like I'm in that skit "Who's on First" at this point)... Well, actually quiet starts with the qua-qua-qua- sound. What letter is that?

Chas: I don't know.

Me: It's Q.

Chas: I know another word that starts with C! It's my name, Chas! ( I think he was getting tired of all my teaching at this point)

Me: (ever the teacher) What letter goes with C to make the CH-Ch-Ch sound?

Chas: H! and I know someone else that has the Ch sound in his name. His name is Chase.Except when I asked him if he wanted to be my cousin, he said he couldn't understand me because I speak in country. He can't understand people who speak country. That's because I am from a country and he isn't.

Me: Oh. Okay.


Well, I thought I would give a little update on how things are with the Moffitt's. February has not been a fun month for me. The first week we found out Eric was getting laid off for a week. Not good. Not bad, but not good, either. I mean, he likes to have time off work that he still gets paid for ( at least some pay), but we don't like what it means overall.

So, we took Chas to the dentist in M'boro to Wild About Smiles and he had so much fun. I have never seen a child so excited to go to the dentist. Those of you who are familiar with Wild About Smiles know what I'm talking about. Anyway, he had a great checkup, no cavities and it was overall a good day.

Then Friday, I went in to have my three wisdom teeth extracted. It did not go well. Apparently, things were a bit more complicated in the surgery than the dentist first thought. I was told it was to be, quote "No big deal". So, I figured it would be no big deal. Well, it was a very big deal. I have had more pain in my mouth than I ever thought was possible.

I went back the next week to find out that I had dry socket where my bottom two wisdom teeth were. If you don't know what "dry socket" is, then I hope you never find out. So, I have been spending my days days doped up on pain meds and sleeping as much as possible, because it was just too miserable to be awake. I am on day 11 right now of soft foods (like the kind you can eat through a straw) and I still have pain. It IS getting better every day and today, I can honestly say it is bearable as long as I don't eat, drink, or talk. I know I am getting better, but I am really ready for this to be OVER.

One of my favorite things to eat is chips and salsa. I have a very lonely bag of Tostitos on top of my refrigerator that has been there since Feb. 5th. Eric has been nice enough not to open it.

Valentine's Day, my Dad was in and Katie woke up that morning with a stomach virus, so Dad Eric and Chas went to Knoxville to watch the UT boys play basketball and I stayed home and slept on the couch while Katie watched about a gazillion episodes of Hannah Montana. Is there ever a time when that show isn't on? Just curious.

I did get an ipod from Eric for V-day and I do love it very much. I know this has been a whiney post, but that's kind of how I have been feeling this month. Whiney.

So, February 2009 has exactly 11 days to redeem itself. I'll let you know what happens.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sans Wisdom Teeth

I had all my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I am NOT enjoying the aftermath. I only had three to begin with and I only needed one of those three removed, but the dentist I saw convinced me to have them all out at the same time and I think that was a HUGE mistake. If I had known it would hurt this bad, I would have stuck to my original plan and only had the one that was causing trouble removed. I am only half awake right now after sleeping for 30 hours. I woke up several times to take pain medication and then went right back out. I would be in bed right now, except that Eric is going to work and I need to be awake to take care of the kids. I really hope my face goes back to normal size before I have to go to class on Monday. That would be embarrassing! It is freakishly swollen. Well, just thought I would send out an update and whine a little. Let me know if you are planning to have your wisdom teeth removed so that I can talk you out of it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ron Clark Academy

Just some teacher inspiration!

I love this guy!


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie