Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My conversation with Chas

Chas and I just had what I think was an entertaining conversation on the way home from pre-school. Here is how it went:

Chas: (very excited) Mommy, sometimes "G" makes the "J" sound! Like this, listen Mommy, Sun J-J-Jrop. See?

Me: Well, actually that is the letters D-R that make that sound, but you are right, it does sound like J and sometimes the letter G makes the "J" sound like in Curious George. George starts with G, but sounds like J.

Chas: Yeah. And like J-J-Jripping!

Me: Well, actually that is also the D-R sound, but it does sound like J when you say it fast.
a few minutes later...

Chas: Okay, let's do the S-S-S sound. (by now he is just having fun thinking of words that start with certain letters).

Me: Okay, Chas what is a word that starts with "S"?

Chas: Sun.

Me: Yes, and do you know what other letter makes the S-S-S sound?

Chas: S?

Me: There is another letter that sometimes makes that sound.

Chas: I don't know.

Me: Well, the letter "C" can make the S-S-S sound. And it also makes the K-K-K sound like cake and cat.

Chas: Yeah, but some people spell cat with a K.

Me: yes, but that isn't right is it?

Chas: No, because K only makes the K-K-K sound like in Quiet.

Me: (I'm beginning to feel like I'm in that skit "Who's on First" at this point)... Well, actually quiet starts with the qua-qua-qua- sound. What letter is that?

Chas: I don't know.

Me: It's Q.

Chas: I know another word that starts with C! It's my name, Chas! ( I think he was getting tired of all my teaching at this point)

Me: (ever the teacher) What letter goes with C to make the CH-Ch-Ch sound?

Chas: H! and I know someone else that has the Ch sound in his name. His name is Chase.Except when I asked him if he wanted to be my cousin, he said he couldn't understand me because I speak in country. He can't understand people who speak country. That's because I am from a country and he isn't.

Me: Oh. Okay.


Cynthia said...

I understand how Chase feels. When I first moved here I couldn't understand people who spoke country, either. ;-)

TabithaK said...

That is too cute!!! I love it! And I love speaking "country". It's the best part about growing up in the south!!


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