Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sans Wisdom Teeth

I had all my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I am NOT enjoying the aftermath. I only had three to begin with and I only needed one of those three removed, but the dentist I saw convinced me to have them all out at the same time and I think that was a HUGE mistake. If I had known it would hurt this bad, I would have stuck to my original plan and only had the one that was causing trouble removed. I am only half awake right now after sleeping for 30 hours. I woke up several times to take pain medication and then went right back out. I would be in bed right now, except that Eric is going to work and I need to be awake to take care of the kids. I really hope my face goes back to normal size before I have to go to class on Monday. That would be embarrassing! It is freakishly swollen. Well, just thought I would send out an update and whine a little. Let me know if you are planning to have your wisdom teeth removed so that I can talk you out of it.


Tenara King said...

yep its very painful!!!!! Just keep in mind that you got them all out at once so you won't ever have to go through the pain again. :)

Mark & Lindsey said...

I've heard everyone talk about how horrible it is to have wisdom teeth taken out, but I never had any trouble-I felt great the next day! I'm convinced that if you get put'll feel like crap. If you don't (like I did) then you'll feel fine. I don't's just a hunch.

SherryB said...

I got knocked out and had 4 removed at once, but i felt fine bu the next afternoon. I couldn't eat much, but I didn't swell too much. I hate that you fel so awful!! Hopefully you are getting back to normal now!!!


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