Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Funnies

Eric took Katie and Chas out to feed cows in his big red truck. Chas goes a lot and apparently Eric lets him drive (steer) in the field. So, after Chas had a turn, Eric asked Katie if she wanted to drive.
Katie: No
Eric: But don't you want to be able to tell your friends that you can drive a truck?
Katie: No, I'd rather just lie about it.

We were cleaning up the playroom (all four of us) and Chas was not helping very much. So, Eric reminded him that he had to give a talk on Sunday entitled, "I Can Obey My Parents", to which Chas replied, "But, I don't know what it means to obey my parents!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009




Chas and Seth

All six of them digging a hole in a sand bar on Rocky River.

Katie and Elizabeth looking for rocks. Looks like Katie found something gross. She is her mother's daughter after all!

Katie and Mikayla engaged in deep coversation.

Eric, Betsy, and five kids breaking the law.

Eric's brother, Matthew and his wife, Jenny, and their four kids came up on Saturday to visit and we had a great time, but it rained all day and I totally forgot to take any pictures! Then on Tues, and Wed., Eric's sister, Betsy, and her four kids came to visit and the kids had a blast down at the house on Rocky River. The next day they played at our house for a while and then Betsy and Eric loaded up five of the six kids and took them to Willene's house (Elizabeth and I stayed home and played Mario Kart Wii). I wanted so much to get a shot of the five kids and all the toys that were loaded up in the back of the truck , but Eric drove away before I could really get a good shot. Oh well.
I am very much against children riding in the backs of trucks, but since they were just going across the field, I made and exception and Chas was very excited about that! We wish everyone lived closer because it was such fun seeing all the cousins play together.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The end of basketball...

I so appreciate our friend Mike for taking these pictures. It was a great game. We lost to the blue team, again, by one point, again. Oh well, the boys played their little hearts out and Chas had a great time, as usual. Next up, tee ball.

Friday, March 6, 2009


The kids recently brought home some forms to fill out for a fundraiser. They asked me to do this so they could get a squishy ball. So, I did. Then a couple days later, they brought home two more books of forms, so I filled out those too. That time, they got a key chain. Katie left me a very sweet note with her key chain... Just thought that you all should know what I sold your addresses for...

Our annual trip to the cow pasture to fly kites.

Little Blue Riding Hood. Isn't she cute?

Our cheering section

Katie's Barbie kite

Chas' Lightning McQueen and Sally kite

Izzie enjoyed chasing the kites. At one point Chas' kite went down and Izzie was on it in a flash and quickly tore into it. It was hilarious.

This is a face that only a mother could love. How could you not love this face, though?


Eric, Kristi, Chas, and Katie