Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend. We watched Hannah Montana The Movie on Friday night and then again with my Mom on Saturday. It wasn't a bad movie... considering my expectations. I sent out an email to most of you about Sophie. I ran over her on Thursday. It was probably the most heart wrenching experience of my life. But, she is okay. I am okay. All is well. She is in the house recovering and it's making me a little crazy, but I guess it's the least I can do, considering I DID run over her.

The kids were hilarious asking questions about the Easter Bunny all week. Katie wanted to know what happens if the Easter Bunny has allergies? Then we debated if the Easter Bunny is a boy or a girl. There were several theories on that one. Chas wondered why the Easter Bunny lays eggs. Also, they were both curious as to what the Easter Bunny gets for Easter and Chas also asked if the Easter Bunny lives with Santa Claus. I'm thinking this might be the last year I get to have these conversations so I really lived it up. I love Easter. It's my favorite holiday after Christmas. I had so much fun this year between my kids and my Kindergarten class. It was a blast.

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