Sunday, July 19, 2009


So, this is our new bulldog puppy. Yes, she is Izzy's replacement, but Izzy does not know that yet. We have named her Penelope and she has already developed several nicknames; Sweet P, Penny, HennyPenny, Pen-Pen (not to be confused with Phen-Phen), and Lil'Boo (I call Izzy "BooBoo" sometimes).
She was much cuter yesterday when we picked her up. That was before I listened to her cry ALL night and then cleaned up after her this morning. However, I love her just the same. How could you not?
In other news, the kids won 2nd place in the T-Ball Tournament. We were so proud of them. I think the parents had more fun than the kids did! Although, Eric's blood pressure went through the roof a few times when the refs didn't call things our way. It was a great tournament.
Dad is finally heading back home from Anchorage where it sounds like he had a great time. I did not realize the sun does not set up there this time of year. I don't think I would like that. I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is.
Mom is already back in the classroom gearing up for the new school year. She is excited to teach writing this year. I think that is the perfect job for her.
Eric is still getting a lot of time off, but the contract is starting to shape up and while it is not anything to get excited about, it is considerably better than we thought and it looks like things are going to get back to normal soon. I know we are going to miss his time off though.
Izzy is due to have puppies on Wednesday morning at 8 am by c-section. She is so big that we are very nervous that she won't make it. She looks to be doing well despite her size.
I finish up my two online classes on Monday. I am very excited to be done with classes for a while. I start student teaching in September. I still don't know my placements and that is driving me crazy! I want to know so bad! I plan to start back to school in January for graduate work. We'll see how that goes.
Well, I guess that is about all. We have had a really good summer. Eric and Hugh have worked really hard adding on to the house. I am excited for all of our home improvements to be done so I can post pictures. We still have a million more to go, but I love what they have done so far. We can only do so much at a time due to the money involved. Eric is determined not to borrow anything, so it will probably be years before everything is done, but at least we have begun. I guess you have to start somewhere, right?
Stay tuned for my next post... PUPPIES!


Mark & Lindsey said...

That is the cutest dog!

gretchen said...

what a cute puppy and a cute name! Sounds like you all have had a good summer. I would love to see what all you have done to the house or are pixs!
congrats on getting ready to student teach..I can't wait to see the sunshine at the end of this long tunnel!

TabithaK said...

She is too cute!!!

Jenny said...

How are the puppies doing now? Matthew said one was sick last time he talked to Eric.


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